Measure your Carbon Footprint Lifestyle and Make an Impact

Receive personalised carbon footprint data

Link your bank account and measure your lifestyle carbon impact.

Define your carbon budget

Keep on eye on your stats and progress to shape your lifestyle.

Make an impact on your shopping experience

Find your iconic products fuelled with carbon data and make an impact.

Frequently asked questions

We consider you lifestyle spending a good way to monitor your carbon footprint. To create a seamless experience for you when it comes to understand and monitor your carbon footprint, we ask you to connect your bank account to retrive your daily transactions which we use to calculate your carbon footprint. Every time you eat at the restaurant, shop in a mall or pay you utility bill, we will convert real time the carbon footprint impact of your spending without any input required. Seamless and secure! Linking your bank account is safe and secure with us and most importantly you are in control, you can revoke access to your bank account at any time.

Name of the account holder and transactions data of your bank account

We use your data to calculate your carbon footprint and improve the algorithm we built to provide a much more accurate carbon footprint calculation to you and the Liv community.

We will have read only access to your account and transactions, we cannot initiate anything within your bank account.

We do not view or store any detail of your online banking login. We only use open banking technology with our partner Plaid to connect with your bank account, connection which is secure and encrypted. There are already more than 4 million people using open banking technology in US and same number in UK.

For bank coverage, please see the link below of our service provider Plaid.